Shutter Garage Doors

Garage shutter doors are usually the number one choice for garage owners who want to keep the most amount of space available, both on the driveway and in the garage. It is typical for garage shutters to be automatic but manually operated shutter garage doors are also available.

The Benefits of Shutter Garage Doors

Shutter garage doors are often employed in locations where there is minimal driveway available or for when multiple cars are parked on a driveway and need to be positioned up close to the garage door. Garage shutters open without extending outwards during operation, making them ideal for this purpose.

With most garage door shutters being automatic, owners benefit from the ultimate convenience, where they do not need to get cold or wet in the weather in order to open the door. The automatic nature of these doors also means that days of struggling to find the keyhole in the dark, are a thing of the past.

Shutter Garage Door Appearance

Garage door shutters have an appealing and tidy design that doesn’t look out of place when fitted to a garage next to, or built into, traditional or modern homes. Garage shutters come in a wide array of colours and as they open they roll up onto a roller that usually only takes up about ten to twelve inches of space.

Aluminium garage shutter doors are also an option, with a twin-walled aluminium and CFC-free insulation.


The Suitability of Shutter Garage Doors

Garage shutter doors are suitable for garage openings of all sizes and have a very reliable and robust design that doesn’t use gears, levers, pulleys or springs. This means that this type of garage door is maintenance free and the precise fitting gives a sealed perimeter for good draft exclusion.

The opening motion is ideal for protecting children and pets from knocks when opening and we highly recommend shutter garage doors made by SWS garage doors, a leading company in shutter door design and garage door security.