WM Garage Doors are a supplier and installer of garage doors and a varied range of garage door application needs has seen them fitted into garages used for all manner of purposes.

Garage Door Application

Garage door applications includes:

  • Residential Garage Doors
  • Domestic Garage Doors

Residential and domestic garage doors are offered in numerous different formats to ensure that the garage door fits its desired application. We sell and fit garage doors that are used for vehicle entry, tall 4×4 vehicle entry, regular pedestrian entry and bike entry.

The type of garage, its internal structure and fittings and the available driveway space may all affect which type of garage door and opening mechanism is most suited to its application.

Garage Door Application and Type

For basic access to a garage space and for usual purposes, up and over range of garage doors offer an inexpensive solution. In this garage door application, the door kicks-out as it opens and forms either a canopy or retracts completely into the garage roof space.

Roller and sectional garage doors have become more popular due to the convenience of automation. These doors do not kick-out into the driveway, meaning that all of the driveway space is usable. Safe and secure, the roller garage door application is well suited to garages where ceiling space is of a premium. Here the garage door rolls into a box that measures only 10-12 inches.

If the garage door application is intended for high pedestrian or bike traffic then a side hinged garage door can be practical, as only one side of the door needs to be opened. Domestic side hinged garage doors are also often selected for garage spaces that are used as a workshop or for when internal obstructions permit only an outwardly opening garage door.

Our expert installers can visit your residential home to offer a free survey that includes accurately measuring the garage opening and recommending the right door for your garage door application