Garage Door Replacement

When a replacement garage door is needed, WM Garage Doors are the local experts, with 20 years of experience, who are ready to help you find the right garage door replacement for you.

The Appearance of a Garage Door Replacement

Replacement garage doors in the UK can dramatically improve the aesthetic kerb appeal of your garage and home. When looking to replace a garage door, almost any colour can be chosen and applied to a range of materials such as steel, timber, GRP glass fibre or aluminium.

GRP replacement garage doors may have a timber effect finish, offering the luxury look of wood, yet be almost maintenance-free. Windows can be inserted into garage door panels and a range of accessories, such as handles and locks, can be fitted.

The Benefits of a Garage Door Replacement

A garage doors replacement can bring with it a number of new benefits. Side hinged garage doors keep the entire garage ceiling free for storage and because they open outwards, they can be fitted to garages that have shelves or energy meters in the way.

Automated roller and sectional garage door replacements keep the owner out of the elements and with fast and automatic opening, these are ideal for high traffic streets. Replacement garage doors also includes up and over doors, which may be of a canopy or retractable style.

The Suitability of a Replacement Garage Door

WM Garage Doors offer a free site survey and this is essential when looking to find a suitable replacement garage door. Garage doors can be fitted with mm precision, which helps to increase their lifespan. During our free survey, we can also assess the garage structure, and when needed, recommend a lightweight garage door replacement.