Garage Door Locks

WM Garage doors supply and install garage door locks with each garage door installation and can offer maintenance, repair and replacement of the garage door look, at any time in the future.

Locks for Garage Doors

The garage doors lock can be one of the garage door’s most important features and there are several types of locks for garage doors, which are available in the UK.

As part of our free survey, which is conducted by our garage door installers and not salespersons, we can discuss with you and recommend the best choice of garage door lock, that is compatible with your garage door choice.

We provide all of our potential clients with a 30-day no obligation quote, which will include the supply and installation of the garage door and garage door lock.

Where automated garage doors are used, it is possible to opt for a reinforced locking barrel that includes a key for locking and unlocking the garage door from the inside. Cardale offer this option with their Secured by Design garage doors, as do many other reputable garage door manufactures that we work with.

Garage Door Lock Company

We provide garage door lock installation with all of our garage doors, manufactured by market leaders such as Cardale, Hormann, Novoferm, Wessex, Ryterna, GDS, SWS and Wessex.