Garage Door Openers

WM Garage Doors can supply and install all manner of garage doors that use automated garage door openers. We can also retrofit your existing door with a garage door opener installation, saving you money when a new garage door isn’t required.

Benefits of a Garage Door Openers Installation

Our local garage door opener installers will quickly install the garage door opener that will introduce you to a world where access to your garage space doesn’t involve standing in the wind, rain or snow and fumbling around with keys in the dark.

Our garage doors opener installation is fully guaranteed and most openers that are available include an internal switch, quiet operation and a convenient automatic light.

For those who have garages that open onto a busy road or for houses that have no driveway, it possible to buy a garage door opener with a sectional garage door that will open up to 50 percent faster.

Suitability of Openers for Garage Doors

We supply openers from the most reputable garage door opener companies such as Hormann and Garador. There openers have a safe automatic cut out that stops the door if it encounters an object. Our garage door opener suppliers also provide us with non-contact photocells, for even safer operation.

Garage door opens can be fitted with a secure anti lift kit and these engage into the door frame mechanically, making it impossible to open. These also remain locked even if the power supply is cut.

A wide choice of garage door opens are available at different prices, making convenience and security available to all.