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Roller Garage Doors, Installation and Repairs

Features and Benefits

Roller garage doors are the number one choice for those who want to keep the most amount of space free, both inside the garage and on the drive. For maximum convenience, roller shutter doors are designed to be automatic, but they are also available with a manual mechanism.

There are a range of benefits associated with roller garage doors including;

  • Space saving with vertical opening into 10-12 inches of space.
  • Park close to the doors safely without fear of doors opening outwards
  • Various colours available
  • Available in an automatic or manual mechanism

Space Saving Roller Shutter Doors

We all wish for more space in our homes. The same can be said for garages. Whether you use your garage to store tools, keep your car safe or even as a gym, roller garage doors provide the extra space homeowners’ crave. This is down to the fact that roller shutter doors do not swing outwards, like side hinged or up and over garage doors, allowing cars to park closer to the entrance maximising space indoors and outdoors.

Save Time and Effort with Electric Roller Doors

You’ve spent hours getting ready for that crucial business meeting but before you can get the car out of the garage you have to brave the pouring rain and blustery winds to manually open the door, ruining all of your efforts in getting ready. One of the ways to tackle this is to install an electric roller door, which allows the owner to operate the door remotely without having to leave the car – perfect for those miserable rainy days and nights.

Minimal Maintenance

By design, roller garage doors are reliable, with no springs, gears, levers or pulleys, providing all-round draft exclusion with only minimal maintenance required, saving you time and money.

For extra heat retention and protection, you may wish to consider insulated roller garage doors.

Protecting Property with High-Security Roller Garage Doors

When any homeowner experiences unwanted intruders it’s not just the cost of items stolen or broken that affects them. It’s the feeling of violation that a stranger has wandered among your personal property. It has now become common for intruders to enter properties through an insecure garage.

For security and peace of mind high-security, roller garage doors manufactured by SWS are the ideal solution. As they were the first manufacturer to achieve the Secured by Design rating, the police initiative that promotes high standards and secure installations for the safety of the homeowner.

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