Garage Door Sizes

WM Garage Doors can supply and install all sizes of garage door and we have been doing this across the regions of Birmingham and Walsall for over 20 years. When looking to replace an existing garage door, it is essential that the garage door opening is professionally sized, as you cannot necessarily take the measurements of the old garage door.

Free Garage Door Survey

The best solution when looking to confirm the garage door size, is to use our free garage door survey. The garage door will be sized during our free measuring survey by our experienced fitters.

We will take into account the height and width of the garage, the fact that many garages are not truly square, the types of different hinge arrangements, operating requirements and the clearances that may be required for each type of garage door

In addition to checking the size of garage doors, we also check that the garage structure is suitable to hold the weight of the new garage door. In instances where the garage structure isn’t strong enough to hold the weight of a particular type of garage door, we will be able to give you a no-obligation 30-day quote for a lightweight alternative.

Garage Doors Sizes

The sizes of garage doors vary from standard small to a large garage door. The size of the garage may require a specific type of garage door and the range we supply includes up and over, roller, sectional, side-hinged and sliding garage doors.

In most cases the garage door size will be suitable for automatic roller and sectional garage doors, with their automatic operation making them a popular choice. If there are obstructions that cannot be moved inside the garage then a roller garage door with its 10-12 inch roller box can be chosen or alternatively a garage door can be sized an made to open outwards.