Small Garage Doors

Small garage doors can be made to measure to fit any opening from the standard single size opening and down. The small garage door is uniquely placed to tackle access issues, while retaining high levels of quality and security.

Small Garage Door Appearance

The range of small garage doors for sale is adequate enough for the prospective owner to choose an appearance that they find appealing. Finished in a a choice of colours, both metal, plastic and timber garage doors can be chosen.

Small Garage Door Benefits

It is likely that a small garage door is needed to provide a secure entrance to an oddly shaped garage or storage area. Because space may be the overriding issue, there are a few garage door designs that lend themselves particularly well for tackling this issue.

Small hinged garage doors that open outwards are one way to ensure that space isn’t lost inside the garage space, while small roller garage doors are another, with only a small amount off space taken up at garage roof level.

Small timber garage doors are another alternative and these can be measured and manufactured to exactly fit the garage opening.

The Suitability of Small Garage Doors

The small garage doors for sale here are secure, safe and reliable, making them suitable for almost any location. WM Garage Doors offer fully guaranteed products, no obligation quotes and expert fitting from experienced installers.