Carriage Style Garage Doors

At WM Garage Doors, we supply, install, maintain and repair garage doors from the carriage style garage door range.

Carriage Style Garage Door Appearance

Carriage garage doors are made to recreate a period look and while it is still possible, and popular, to buy handcrafted timber carriage house garage doors, this style of door can in fact be made from many modern materials.

The carriage style garage door can be made from metal or a variety of plastic composite materials. Through the use of non-functional hinges and handles, these garage doors have an authentic look, yet they can be fully automated.

Typically, the garage doors carriage style is created through the use of timber planks or wood-effect planks that have all of the character that real wood grains project. The top of the garage door can be either straight or arched and in many instances glass is fitted in a traditional glass panel style.

The Benefits of a Carriage Style Garage Door

The main benefit of a carriage style garage door is that it will match in perfectly in a neighborhood of period properties. A carriage house style garage door can be fitted into barn conversions or be used to add character and a premium look to modern homes and in particular those that have wood-effect PVC doors and windows; windowed garage doors are becoming more common.

When modern materials are used, carriage house style garage doors are low maintenance, durable and secure, while only requiring an occasional wipe down.

The Suitability of Carriage Style Garage Doors

A carriage house garage door is suitable for garage owners that require one of many opening methods. Round the corner carriage garage doors can be automated and have the option to open for both pedestrian and vehicle access.

Side hinged carriage garage doors open outwards and this style is suitable for garages that have wall obstructions such as shelves or power meters. We can also supply and install carriage style garage doors that work with an up and over or folding mechanism.