Folding Garage Doors

Folding garage doors have been popularised through their use in industrial settings but this rather unique style of door can have a place in the domestic setting as well.

WM Garage Doors can supply and install foldable garage doors following a free home or site visit to accurately measure your garage opening, and assess the suitability of a folding garage door system.

Folding Garage Door Appearance

The appearance of a folding garage door is in some part governed by your material choice. Folding garage doors can be made from steel, timber, aluminium or GRP and these can be created to project either a modern contemporary or traditional look.

The garage door folding mechanism sees horizontal panels hinged together and these can form one complete garage door or they can form two folding garage doors that are split in the centre.

The Benefits of a Folding Garage Door

Folding garage doors can be partially or fully glazed, in order to allow natural light to flood the garage space. This could be a particular benefit for those who use their garage space as a workshop.

Because of their sliding and folding operation, a fold garage door can be partially opened, benefiting the owner with quick and easy pedestrian access.

Hormann manufacture FPU double skinned steel insulated folding doors and these are sealed to offer the owner complete draught protection, and they are also available in larger than normal sizes.

The Suitability of Folding Garage Doors

The garage doors folding mechanism is usually assisted by a top track system that supports the full weight of the garage door panels. When fitted in this manner, there is no need to incorporate a bottom track that can be difficult to incorporate into an existing floor.

If this type has interested you, you may also be interested in our up and over garage doors. When top tracks and floor channels are employed together, it is essential that they are plumb in line, making installation by WM Garage Doors essential.