Insulated Garage Doors

Insulated garage doors have different levels of insulation and this varies with each manufacturer and the chosen garage door material.

Insulated Garage Door Appearance

Insulated garage doors are manufactured in a wide number of styles with different opening mechanisms. Hormann, Garador, Ryterna and Wessex manufacture double-skinned insulated galvanised steel sectional garage doors.

In addition to these, side hinged insulated garage doors are available and these offer high levels of security, which is ideal for garages that are in part converted into a room or used as a workshop.

We also supply and fit insulated roller garage doors with CFC-free insulation, such as twin-walled aluminium roller garage doors, can be sealed for all round draught exclusion, while remaining light and offering top quality security.

GRP garage doors are naturally insulating, have a low maintenance finish and are fitted with an all-round weather seal.

The Benefits of an Insulated Garage Door

An insulated roller shutter garage door is an ideal option for homes that are directly connected to their garage. In these instances, the insulated garage door will help save on heating costs and offer the additional benefit of acoustic insulation.

The Suitability of Insulated Garage Doors

Our UK Insulated garage doors are suitable for garages that have an additional storage space. It is quite common for these additional storage spaces to be used for the placement of deep freezers and refrigeration units. Deep freezers require a warmer environment to operate properly within, so one possible reason that your deep freezer in not functioning correctly, could be that the garage space is too cold.

The best insulated garage doors may use thermal frame connections that create a thermal break between the brickwork and frame. This can improve the thermal performance, by up to 15 percent. Don’t just take it from us, why not check out our insulated garage doors reviews.