Remote Control Garage Doors

A remote garage door is a lifestyle luxury that offers the most convenient access to your garage space. At WM Garage Doors, we offer remote control garage door installation and supply, with garage doors from market leaders such as Hormann, Garador and Cardale.

Remote Control Garage Door Appearance

Remote control garage doors come in all shapes and sizes and automation is possible for up and over, roller, sectional and side sliding garage doors. These can be manufactured from timber, PVC or metals such as corrosion resistant galvanised steel or aluminium.

The garage door remote control can be provided in the key fob style with dedicated buttons to partially open the garage door for pedestrian entry or fully open and close the garage door for vehicles. If you have security concerns above those of the standard garage owner, then it is also possible for the garage doors remote to be programmable with a PIN number.

The Benefits of a Garage Door Remote

The garage doors remote control means that you will never need to stand outdoors in the cold, rain, wind or snow again, in order to open or close your garage door. The garage door remote control installation can also include an internal light to add even more convenience and simply not having to find the keyhole in the dark, can drastically change your garage door experience.

If you garage opens directly onto a busy road and there is limited or no driveway space, then a garage door remote control installation should be your number one choice.

The Suitability of Remote Garage Doors

Our garage door remote control installation usually includes two remote controls, although this is manufacturer dependent. If you need to buy garage door remote controls for more family members, then this is also possible, making them suitable for large households.

Remote control garage doors can still be opened manually, should there be a power cut and many remote control systems can be retro fitted to existing garage doors. In all cases, sensors safeguard your vehicle, belongings and family by reversing the garage door motion.