Electric Garage Doors

You will never have to brave the elements again if you choose to buy an electric garage door. Imagine your neighbour’s face as you stroll into your new garage during the middle of a flash storm while they get soaked struggling to insert the key into the lock. Actually, forget their face, I can see your beaming smile from here!

Electric garage doors have become affordable for the typical homeowner with a selection of styles to choose from. And the doors on sale from us will benefit you with their luxurious convenience.

These doors are remotely operated and locked, meaning there is no key to struggle with in the dark or no heavy garage door to manually lift open. They come in a number of forms and each door has its advantages. Canopy garage doors are inexpensive, while retractable garage doors open inwards, saving space on the driveway and roller garage doors maximise space on the driveway as well as in your garage.

Our range, starting from £850, is extensive and the appearance is governed by both material chosen and the finish applied to the door. Typical materials used with electric garage doors includes timber, premium grade galvanised steel, lightweight aluminium and UV-fact composite materials.

There is an electric garage door for sale with more modern mechanisms as well. These include space saving roller doors and sectional doors that can be opened even when a vehicle is parked up close to it.

The latest insulated garage doors can also be bought for circumstances where sound insulation is desired or to insulate a garage space that is heated or has been partially converted into a room. In the case of a power cut, the electrical garage door can be manually opened.

WM Garage Doors offers a no obligation quote as well as expertly fitted electric garage door installation. When you buy an electric garage door it also comes with a full manufacturer’s guarantee.