Roller Garage Doors

The roller garage door is the first choice for those who want to keep the most amount of space free, both inside the garage and on the drive. For maximum convenience, roller shutter doors are designed to be automatic, but they are also available with a manual mechanism.

The biggest benefit of garage roller doors is delivered through the way that they open. Because they do not swing outwards, roller shutter garage doors save space in the driveway, allowing the vehicle owner to park close to the door. Having electric roller garage doors can be a great way to maximise space and optimise comfort without the need for manual opening and closing.

The appearance of the roller shutter garage doors for sale here is smart and when opened, the garage door rolls into 10 to 12 inches of space, although this is ultimately dependent upon the height of the actual door.

Our range includes aluminium roller garage doors that are made with twin-walled aluminium and CFC-free insulation. Prices start from £850.

A garage roller door also gives the most room inside garage, with the door tucked away behind the opening. The secondary major benefit is in their automation, which allows them to be opened without the owner getting out of their car.

Automatic roller garage doors are the most suitable as their design is reliable, with no springs, gears, levers or pulleys. Garage roller shutter doors are generally maintenance free and sealed for good all round draft exclusion.

WM Garage Doors recommend SWS garage doors as this company has been the leading roller door manufacturer for more than 30 years. The roller garage doors for sale here are light, have top level security and we were first to achieve Secured By Design rating, a police initiate to promote high standards in secure installations.