Sectional Garage Doors

If you want to bring the wow factor to your home then get yourself a sectional garage door. They are one of the most versatile products on the market and ooze sophistication.

Sectional garage doors are practical and robust and can resemble many design choices. You can opt for country barn doors through to those with a modern look. Whatever your style, there will be a door to match. And because you have so many options to choose from, you can be sure there will be one that matches your budget. Starting from £1,100, sectional doors offer convenience and reliability.

The doors work simply by rising and folding slightly, with a compact opening and shutting mechanism. Although they can be fitted to almost any garage, they are especially suitable for drives with space restrictions, as they do not protrude outwards when they open.

Insulated sectional doors can also be used to protect the garage from the elements. Click here to read about our installation service.

Prices from WM Garage Doors offer the best value for money and we recommend brands like Hormann, Novoferm, Wessex, Garador and Ryterna due to their quality and expertise. Hormann, Novoferm and Cardale also produce double skinned insulated galvanised steel doors.

To get a sectional garage door, or for further information, please contact us today.