Side Hinged Garage Doors

If your garage is in constant use and space is not an issue then a side hinged door may be the perfect option for you. Side hinged doors remain popular thanks to their design, versatility and affordable price.

They are mainly traditional in appearance but they can be made from a range of materials with different colours and finishes. This allows you the opportunity to create your ideal door. The doors can also be made to measure and prices start from £690.

Side hinged garage doors are designed for busy people who need frequent easy access to their garage. The design of doors means there is no need to open it completely. They typically have one of two configurations. The first opens half and half while the second configuration opens one third and two thirds. They open outwards, avoiding in-garage obstruction problems, such as those caused by low head room, shelves or gas and electric meter placement. The doors also boast a high level of security and can be insulated to keep the inside space warm. Insulated side hinged doors are available from £1,400.

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Hinged garage doors can be used in almost any situation. However, they are particularly suitable for people who do not park their car inside the garage or have had part of the garage converted into a room.