Up & Over Garage Doors

The up and over is the most common type of garage door in the UK and is ideal for those on a budget.

They are single panel doors that either fully or partially retracts into the garage. Our range includes those from market leading manufacturers Novoferm and Cardale garage doors.

Retractable doors retreat inwards as they open, making them perfect for homes with small drives. Canopy garage doors are the simplest in form, starting from £290, making them the best choice for those on a budget.

We also offer an expert up and over garage door installation service.

There is a huge range of designs for this product, ranging from traditional to modern in style and moving from vertical to horizontal in position.

A retractable door glides back into the garage as it opens on horizontal tracks. This design is ideal for automatic garage doors.

A canopy door opens using a mechanism fitted into the door frame. When opened, this positions the door as a canopy over the garage door opening.

Manufactured in a choice of different materials, the garage door up and over design can be lightweight making it ideal for the elderly, while the best price and no hidden fees ensures great value to all.

Up and over garage doors from WM Garage Doors are offered with a free no obligation quote and expert workmanship.