SWS Garage Doors

SWSSWS Garage Doors have been designing and manufacturing garage doors in the UK for more than 30 years. Their range includes the popular SeceuroGlide range.

The Appearance of SWS Garage Doors

A SWS garage door can be chosen with a choice of panel designs, colours and finishes. The appearance can be dramatically altered through the selection of plain colour finishes, textures and wood grains. Forty wood effect finishes are available, such as Golden Oak, Mahogany and Rosewood.

SWS garage doors can incorporate windows and SWS sectional garage doors can be chosen with a Georgian Cassette, Standard Rib and Wide Rib format.

The Benefits of a SWS Garage Door

A SWS garage door is bespoke and measured to fit by the mm, for uncompromised weather protection, security and insulation. Variations of the garage door exist to meet the garage owners requirements and these can have manual or automatic operation.

To make the most of garage space, a SWS roller garage door opens vertically with the door concealed in a box, for the best aesthetic appearance.

Vertico horizontally running garage doors can open partially, which is convenient for pedestrian or cycle access. These garage doors have high-strength with vertical profiles and are supplied complete with an aluminium garage door and galvanised steel bottom track.

SWS Vertico garage doors are an excellent choice for double garages, with the half opening feature being useful when only one vehicle is leaving or entering the garage space.

The Suitability of SWS Garage Doors

SWS garage doors are CE marked and SWS is an ISO 9001:2000 assessed company, making them suitable for garage owners who wish to have a balance of safety and security. The SeceuroGlide Connect + wireless system makes an SWS garage door suitable for those looking for convenience, as these are operated by a smartphone or tablet app.

Our Range of SWS Garage Doors