Wessex Garage Doors

Wessex Garage Doors have been manufacturing top-class high quality GRP doors, for more than forty years. Wessex Doors are the premier GRP garage door manufacturing company in Europe.

The Appearance of Wessex Garage Doors

The largest range of GRP door styles, available anywhere, are on offer when you select to buy a Wessex garage door. GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) has the beauty and appearance of wood and can be finished in a white gloss or wood grain.

Wessex GRP garage doors are for both traditional and modern homes and no two timber effect doors are the same, as they are built and finished by hand.

Up and over Wessex doors are built onto a corrosion protected steel chassis, which gives a picture frame edge around the door. The chassis can be supplied in white, brown or black, with a colour matched frame.

The Benefits of a Wessex Garage Door

Made to measure, GRP garage doors are renowned for strength and have a better strength to weight ratio than steel. GRP is naturally insulating, will not shrink, warp or rust and can withstand knocks that would normally dent a traditional steel door. Form factors includes sectional and side hinged garage doors, supplied with a Wessex garage door lock.

Seven tough styles of Wessex steel up and over garage doors are also available and these have security multi-point locking fitted as standard. Wessex retractable and Vienna sectional garage doors can be fitted with a state-of-the-art automatic operator that is quiet and operated using a key fob handset.

The Suitability of Wessex Garage Doors

Wessex garage doors prices are suitable for everyone with 3 GRP build qualities, to match your budget. Wessex garage door parts include an optional whisper-quiet Kevlar belt drive, for integral garages, where noise may be an issue.